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Changzhou Huajian Pharm Pack Material Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials in China. Founded in September 2002, the company has invested more than 90 million yuan in total, being equipped with a 5,000 -square-meter Grade D purification plant, six domestic first-class pharmaceutical packaging material production lines, and 8 certificates for pharmaceutical packaging materials of direct skin contact approved by SFDA.

The company specializes in producing aluminum foils, laminated films, cold stamping molded aluminum, tropicalized aluminum for pharmaceutical packaging and other pharmaceutical packaging materials, with an annual production capacity of over 8,000 tons.

The company’s laboratories are equipped with headspace sampling gas chromatographic apparatuses, oxygen transmission rate testers, water vapor permeability testers, automatic electronic smart pulling instruments, multi-point heat sealers, COF testers, cupping testers, aluminum foil bursting strength testers, and other sophisticated detection equipment for producing pharmaceutical packaging materials, which can fully meet the needs for the testing and quality control of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

The company now has a total staff of 145 people, in which 38 hold college degrees or above, accounting for 26.2% of the total staff number, 12 are engaged in quality management and quality inspection, 26 are technical personnel being directly and indirectly engaged in the research of production processes.


The quality of the human resources is of high levels, with profound professional accomplishments.

The company has more than 200 customers across the country. The major customers include China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Group, Yunnan Baiyao Group, Beijing Yiling Pharmaceutical, Jilin Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen Neptunus Group, Hunan Qianjin Pharmaceutical, Hunan Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group, Zhejiang Conba Group, Chengdu Huashen Group, Nanjing Jinling Pharmaceutical, Nanjing Tong Ren Tang Pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangsu Ruinian Group, Changzhou Siyao Pharmaceutical, and so on.

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